Sunday, December 14, 2014

SBA Assignment #12


This is the last assignment before the three final Portfolio pieces.  
The instructions were to paint a study of mixed flowers and foliage, possibly with berries.  Building on what we learned from the past assignments, specifically assignments 5 and 9 and paying attention to both shapes and colours in order to achieve a good balanced composition.

I always try to find flowers that possibly my tutors in the UK don't see to often.  I am always drawn to the Leonotis leonurus, Lions Tail  and the bright orange seemed festive for the fall holidays.  The orange poppy was in the same color range and I thought that would compliment color scheme I was going for.  Then added a bit of the Sorghum Vougare for a bit of texture.  As usual, it took me the full 2 months to complete the piece.  I really have no idea how some students complete an assignment in just a few weeks.  
I'm a bit slow.

Tutors Comments (abbreviated)
An interesting choice of subjects, but I wonder why you chose plants that are all in the same color range.  
Good perspective but you would have got even more had you chosen something with a different color.  
Lovely composition but just one more poppy would have enhanced the overall look of it.
Labeling is so neat but this time you haven't given the common names.

All the above comments are well taken, and I didn't get too many points taken off my marks.  The instructions don't say anything about using different colored flowers.  Yes, I agree I should have had 3 of each stem but I always seem to run out of time.  As I said, I am a very slow and meticulous artist.  My husband keeps asking me when I am going to learn to go faster.  

I have learned so much with each assignment.  And as a well known artist once told me, you have to put in the time if you want to get better.  Ha, they weren't kidding!

Now, on to my final three pieces of the SBA course.
   1.  Fruit of Vegetable
   2.  Botanical Illustration
   3.  Mixed Flower Study

Thanks for reading my  Blog.........

Lori V.

Oh yes, my final marks for assignment #12



  1. Lori, The time you spend shows in your work, and obviously your tutors can see it as well as indicated by all of the high marks. This piece is lovely and very challenging--well done! You are almost at the finish line now!!

  2. This is superb! Your poppies are stunning - so cleverly done. Not sure I could get that papery feel across so well. Not surprised you got amazing marks - it is an amazing piece!

  3. Really beautiful.