Saturday, May 31, 2014

SBA Assignment Botanical Illustration

Botanical Illustration Assignment #9
Strelitzia reginae
The assignment called for an accurate depiction of size, form and colour, showing a single species with foliage with a dissection shown.
I am lucky enough to have dozens of Strelitzia reginae growing in my garden, which bloom year round in sunny Southern California.  This allowed me to cut new flowers at all stages of growth throughout the 2 months of drawing. 
And yes, it did take me 2 full months, though I am slow :)
The dissection was a new adventure for me, with each one I picked having different number of Sepals and Petals.
Took one of the birds completely apart and layed it all out and numbered each layer.
There are really a lot of layers inside each beak.
One of my sketchbook pages, practicing with colours and techniques.
Discection of Strelitzia sexual organs
Completed Assignment!
Tutors comments abbreviated:
Good tones in the leaf and on the stems.  I would have liked to see a little more depth in the orange petals but it's nothing major.  You can take a bit of artistic license to accentuate the darker areas in order to make the areas in the foreground look closer.
Love the composition.  It's perfect for the plant!
Final Mark

REALLY happy with my marks, love these birds!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

My Travels to England 2014

Dedham, England
Spending a week in Dedham at Dedham Hall is one of my most favorite things to do.  A week filled with friends, working on my botanical art and discovering the surrounding area is just amazing. 
Ann Swan our art tutor is such a great artist and teacher and someone I can call my friend. 
Dedham Hall & Fountain House
Our days start with a brisk walk on the surrounding footpaths in what as known as Constable Country.  John Constable, known for his famous paintings of the mills in the area.
Some of us walkers!
Flatford Mill
Then we all meet in the dining room for a full English Breakfast.  Then off to the studio, and our days are draw, tea, draw, lunch, draw, tea, draw, with a lot of conversation and laughter in between.
Artists hard at work.
Take a bit of a break and meet up again in the dining room for dinner and more conversation and laughter.  After dinner it's off to the lounge for tea and snacks, more conversation and laughter.
A cookie bouquet for Ann's birthday!
By then we are all exhausted from the day, so it's off to bed.  The day repeats for a full week.  It's always so sad to say goodbye to my English friends, I really love it there.
One of the days, Janie and I went sightseeing to Lavenham and out to English Tea.
Thank you Janie for a wonderful afternoon!
Air New Zealand Boeing 777 The Hobbit
Long flight home, but I'll be back next month!