Monday, July 28, 2014

SBA Exhibition

SBA - Society of Botanical Artists
2014 Exhibition

Took another trip across the pond to attend the SBA 2nd year Seminar for my Distance Learning Course.  I am so happy I made the trip.  I was able to meet many of the tutors, who answered all my questions about the course.  They clarified all my questions about the upcoming assignments, which was really helpful.  We were able to tour the exhibition of Botanical Art.  So many wonderful paintings.  It was so nice meeting all my facebook artist friends.  Now I can picture a face with those messages. 

Westminster Hall, location of the SBA Exhibition. 
Right across the street from Westminster Abby

The information booth and artwork of the SBA DLDC program. 
A lot of great art by the students, both past and present.
Over 650 botanical works of art hanging on the walls of Westminster Hall

 Di and I doing some sightseeing in London.
 Linda and Susie....... happy graduates of the SBA DLDC9

 Deb and Polly having a very serious talk at the graduation

 Simon and a group of the graduates.  Simon towers above them all


Janie, our tutor for the colour pencil students
Met so many new friends at the SBA Exhibition.  It was a wonderful experience, great friends, artists and tutors.
Looking forward to graduation in 2015