Monday, October 5, 2015

Succulent Pumpkins for the Holidays

Succulent Pumpkins for the Holidays

Ready for adoption Now!

Each one is different
Pick your color
Pick your size

Will last thru the winter holidays
Succulents can be replanted in your garden

Great for centerpieces, hostess gifts and holiday gifts

Mini size approx 1 lb.  $12.00

Small size approx. 6 lbs  $25.00
(Hand Ball Size)

Medium size approx. 13 lbs  $35,00
(Soccer Ball Size)

Large size approx   18 lbs  $45.00
(Basketball Size)

X-Large size (TBD)  $65.00

Mist every few days
Can be kept indoors or outdoors

Shipping not available - Pick up Only
Sorry, they don't ship well.

All succulent pumpkins are made to order!

Allow 3- 5 days before Pick Up

Pre Order Now for the holidays!
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