Thursday, October 23, 2014

SBA Assignment #11 Working From Photographs - Greeting Card

Working From Photographs
Assignment #11
For this assignment we were asked to design a greeting card or poster with a few options:
Option 1: A celebration card
Option 2: Flowers in their natural habitat
Option 3: A garden, famous or otherwise
Option 4: A bouquet in toning shades suitable for a birthday card
Option 5: A travel poster
I had thought about creating a poster for Gardens of the World, a privately owned garden open to the public in Thousand Oaks, California USA. While searching for a subject that would catch my eye, I came across a Lace Cap Hydrangea, Hydrangea macrophylla.  I took dozens of photographs and went thru them all when I came home.  One of my shots showed the Lace-top at an angle so it was heart shaped. I then started sketching and came up with a greeting card suitable for Valentines Day, or any other special day that reminded the viewer of LOVE.
I never really thought about the amount of time it would take me to create all those tiny buds on the lacetop.  I stopped counting after about 100 hours and was only completing about one square inch a day.  My eyes were so sore after each 30 minutes, I had to stop and really could only work for about 3 hours a day.  The progress was so slow.
When I submitting my finished artwork to my tutor for marking, I printed out the artwork in card format and mailed it along with the artwork.  I wanted to show my tutor my thoughts for wording placement.
Greeting card with it's wording
All the stressful hours I put into it paid off.  My tutor was very happy with it.
Here are some of her comments:
Your patience has been rewarded with the effort put into capturing all the tiny flower buds, little plump & sepalled cushions.  Perhaps one or two open flowers would have been good showing off the tiny central base of stamens.  Love the shading on the stems and the neat cut edge, not to mention the rosy stems supporting the flowers. 
Final Mark
Wow, still amazed I received such a high mark.

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