Tuesday, June 11, 2013

SBA Assignment #2

Assignment #2 Coloured Pencil 

Study 1 - Produce a small composition of a leaf, fruit and single flower.
Citrus × meyeri 

Tutors Comment's: (abbreviated)
The lemon leaf is beautifully accurate and I really like the un-ripened fruit.  The shading on your lemon flower is perfect, especially since shite flowers are not easy to depict.

This Meyer Lemon tree is right outside the window of my art room.  It has lemons on it most of the year and I am always leaving a bucket of them for my neighbors to enjoy.

Study 2 - Produce a small study of single flower and its foliage.
Tulipa 'Ronaldo'

Tutor's Comments: (abreviated)  
A good choice of colours.  The Ronaldo tulip is a very dark flower and you have made it look rich and deep but not dirty and black and the leaves are such a pretty shade of green.

I decided to draw a Tulip after my mother said she would like one of my paintings for Mother's Day.
Since these assignments take so much time out of my life, I decided to create greeting cards out of this Tulip and send one to each of my favorite mothers for their special day :)
Happy Mothers Day to all the wonderful mothers of the world!

My tutor gave me the nicest complement I could have received
"If this is the standard of your work at the beginning of the Diploma Course Lori, then I cant wait to see what you will be producing at the end!

Final Mark for the assignment 8.46

Hope you enjoy the journey with me
Lori V.

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