Friday, June 14, 2013

Jenean's Garden

Went to visit my girlfriends garden.  It's like going to a Botanical Garden, complete with Orchard, Koi Pond, and a view of the caboose next door.   I had so much fun taking pictures of all the treasures she has hidden around every corner.  The flowers are all amazing, definitely a Botanists dream :)

Pots overflowing with flowers on the patio

Huge Hibiscus bush with dozens if not hundreds of blooms.

One of Jenean's garden treasures, a glass sphere.

Secret garden leading to the fruit orchard

Bird Feeder in the middle of the flowers.  A birds paradise!

Even a cactus garden, Jenean has everything back here!

Huge Koi pond with dozens of large Koi.  Wooden decking around the front to visit the Koi and waterfalls that delights the ears. 

A baby mouse hidden away on a table.  So many fun things to discover.

Besides visiting Jenean, the reason I went to visit was to find some out of the ordinary flowers to paint for my SBA Flower Assignment.  

The assignment must comprise seven flower heads, life size, each showing a maximum of 6cm of stem but No leaves.  Show examples of different shapes, colours, and sizes.  Try to show each flower to its best advantage with the salient parts of its construction on display. 

I need a blue colored flower, so this Columbine will work perfect. Does anyone know what variety it is?

These are great, love the color, the petals and the stamens.  Though the stamens are not my favorite thing to draw, but I need the practice.  Anyone know the name?

Loved this rose 'Double Delight'.  Great coloring with a pale yellow center deep inside.

My favorite was this thingy.  Never seen it before.  It starts out with a red flower, grows green seeds/fruit(?) and then they turn dark purple.  This one I am definitely going to draw for my assignment.
Anyone know the name of this one?

Fun afternoon at Jenean's.
I've got  
Now I just have to start sketching.

Check back for my progress on this assignment!

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