Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Orchid Show


March 8- 10, 2013
Earl Warren Fairgrounds
Santa Barbara, California

Off to the Orchid Show in Santa Barbara!
Looking forward to buying some beautiful Orchids to draw.

Thinking of making note cards of various varieties of Orchids, so this will really be helpful

The theme this year was Orchids in Focus, so many of the displays had a motion picture theme.

One of my favorite displays was from a local grower Zuma Canyon Orchids.

Such beautiful award winning displays of white Orchids

My favorites were all the crazy looking Orchids

Love all the color combinations

This is the variety I purchased and can't wait to start drawing

There were many beautiful entries in the art area.  Next year I hope to enter all my Orchid Greeting Cards.

Met another botanical illustrator Linda Ann Vorobik from Washington State.
She had some beautiful greeting cards, bookmarks and amazing silk scarves for sale at her booth.

Nancy at I at the Orchid Show. 
What a great time we had!

Happy Drawing friends :)


  1. Just found your blog too :) Great blog and thank you for letting me know about the text colour on my blog! I have changed it and I think it is easier to read now...Can you please let me know what you think? Thank you Julie

    1. Julie, The color is much better. My opinion only...... the font is beautiful just harder to read than a block print.
      Love your blog, keep adding pictures, I love them all!