Thursday, March 27, 2014

SBA Assignment #8 Composition - Vegetable Study

Assignment #8 Vegetable Study
The first question you ask is "Why use a Tomato, it's a Fruit"
and yes, you are correct.  The SBA allows us to use a tomato as a fruit or vegetable since it is used as a vegetable in salads.  So, no points lost there!
Solanum lycopersicum
Heirloom Tomato
'Claurina', 'Montenegro', 'Tomawah'
Purchase my three tomatoes at Whole Foods.  Figured out the composition and started drawing as much as I could without having the stems.  The stems and leaves are taken off the fruit before they are shipped to the stores.
Once I got as much drawn as I could I went on a tour of Houwelings Tomatoes. 
One of the largest growers of Heirloom Tomatoes. 
The Mastery Under Glass is located only 20 minutes from my home.
All the tomatoes are grown hydroponically in huge glass greenhouses.  This place is amazing!
You have to suit up in clean suits to enter the facility.
Me and Kyle, our tour director.
Aren't we cute!
Once home with my stems, leaves and tons of photographs, I quickly started my stems. 
Carefully placing them and completing my assignment.
The finished product and yes these Toms are huge!
My tutor commented that "I think you took me quite literally when I mentioned about small subjects in your last assignment.  I am amused!  These are so big - and I've no doubt tasted delicious.
Condensed tutor comments:
Wow!  Big Tomatoes
These tomatoes look touchable - excellent.
Your composition is fine Lori.  The three tomatoes work together really well - but have to admit it would have been lovely to see inside one of them - just because I am interested and, therefore, I expect others would be too.  It would have added even more interest but I can imagine they are very complicated inside and maybe time wasn't on your side. 
Final Mark 9.35
As always, I was nervous about my marks.  One because I only had three subjects and the composition was pretty standard.  Yes, I would have loved to drawn the inside, but time is of the essence and I never seem to have enough.  I am learning with each assignment and am looking forward to our next assignment 'Botanical Illustration'


  1. Lori, these are just stunning. So delicate and rich with color. Love them, you are terrific!

    1. Thanks Suzanne. Had a fun time with these Toms!

  2. These are wonderful, Lori, and congratulations on your mark, well deserved!

  3. You got excellent marks and they are well deserved! The tomatoes are very lush and delicious looking. Good job on tracking down the leaves and stems--they add beautiful contrast of texture to the glossy tomato skins.

    1. I really love all the research. This course is really making me learn a lot about plants. Having a great time with it!