Thursday, September 12, 2013

SBA Assignment #4

Flower Heads

This assignment called for seven flower heads, life size, each showing a maximum of 6cm of stem but no leaves.  We had to show different shapes, colors and sizes with each flower to its best advantage.

The flowers I picked from top left to bottom right are:
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis
Fuchsia 'Royal Velvet'
Eschschotzia californica, 'California Poppy'
Nigella damascene, 'Love-in-a-mist'
Calceolaria integrifolia, 'Pocketbook plant'
Cosmos bipinnatus 'Sonata Pink'

Each one of these flower heads were quite the challenge.  
First I had to find flowers in all different colors, shapes and sizes.
I had about 15 picked and then started narrowing them down to the final 7
Then took photographs of each one, printed them out, cut them out and started playing with the composition.
The comment from my tutor in regards to composition was to be aware that there is a tendency, when placing subjects on an Assignment requiring seven items. to place one in each corner and three in the center.  Be aware of this and take care.  Your Hibiscus is so strong the viewer would find it difficult to move the eye over the remainder of the page.  
Wouldn't that always be the case though, no matter where I put the Hybiscus?  It's always going to stand out the most.  Not sure what I would do different.  Only received a 9.0 on Composition.
Next it started with the Orchid since I had a hard time finding a green one and I didn't want it to die on me.  So this was one of my hardest flowers to draw.  The column was so hard to differentiate from the rest of the flower behind it, because there was so much bright white on the middle of the flower.  Got marked down for that one. Tutor commented got lost trying to follow the detail in the centre of the Cymbidium.
Then I worked my way around the page picking the flowers that were blooming at the time.
My Hybiscus got the highest praise from the tutor. My tutor commented Your Hibiscus is stunning and shows such a wonderful deep throat.

Received a lot of constructive notes from my tutor, but all in all, I am OK with my mark of 9.1

Step by Step coloring of my California Poppy

Coloring in the Shadows
Note: The blue on the stem is masking fluid
Adding in a bit more shading
Adding a bit of coloring
Bit more color
Skipped a few steps
Added a few shades of orange
Colored in the stem

Tutors comment Be careful when drawing stamens that you do not make them all look exactly the same and not too fat

My tutor had received my package damaged in the post and had to be taped up by the postal people.  Fortunately, I received it back with only a few creases in the corner.

Final Mark 9.17

Glad to have it back and move on to my next assignment.


  1. You chose some really challenging flower heads, and all in all, anything above a 9 is in the excellent category! I agree that the hibiscus is stunning, and I love the fuchsia too--actually all are good. Congratulations!

    1. Thanks Janene, That means a lot coming from you!